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Beer Festivals

Learn what it's like to attend a beer festival from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


Beer festivals are as varied as are the types of brewers anywhere. you can find ones that are put on by, you know a single brewery, but usually if they're calling it a beer festival you're gonna have access to, you know many other brewers to try as well. These can range from you know, a few hours, they're designed to where you come and you try different beers for a few hours to something where you camp out for a few days. There's one put on by the Home Again Brewery called Belgian Comes to Coopers Town, BCTC for short. And its a very notorious beer festival in the North East because people camp, sometimes there are fireworks. I think this last year there was a Ferris wheel.

And that's all in addition to the fantastic beer that is put on draft under the tent for you to try during the day time. And also at night in the camp ground you'll find that many people bring some of their most special beer that they've been holding on to for a very special occasion. For a lot of people you know, a camping beer festival is that special occasion. There are also beer festivals that are put on by distributors and you know, they tend to be a much more tame affair where, you know you walk around in a big convention hall style room and you know, you go from table to table and...

Sometimes you'll meet the brewers themselves or the owners and sometimes it'll just be volunteers or you know, sometimes beer reps who are very knowledgeable pouring the beer. But a beer festival is a great way to learn about very many different types of beer usually; although there are also those beer festivals that specialize maybe in Belgian beers or you know, just specific things. I think there's one up in Maine, where its the Maine beer festival and so all the brewers in Maine would participate. Almost every region you know, is gonna have their beer festivals. I'm not very familiar with the ones in Michigan, although I've heard that they are phenomenal, cold weather and all.

So beer festivals again, not unlike, you know beer tourism, its just something you know takes a little searching out, you look at the region, you go online and search beer festivals and you'll find out there are so many beer festivals being throughout the year. And its something that you can really learn a lot from and have a lot of fun. Some people go from festival to festival to festival, you know, filling up many of their weekends.

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