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Awesome Breweries

Learn about the world's most awesome breweries from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


We are extremely lucky to be living in, what I consider to be, the Golden Age of beer. As a result, there as so many awesome breweries that I want to tell you about. We're going to start off with some of the stallwoods. Firestone Walker, Green Flash, Lagunitas, Brooklyn, Peekskill. If you get a chance to get a peek at what Jeff O'Neil is doing up there in Peekskill you won't regret it.

There's also, of course, Hill Farms, which everyone knows about. The Alchemist, Lawsons, Captain Lawrence, Allagash, Maine Brewing Company, Crooked Stave, The Brewery, Jester King, Victor Ommegang, Sierra Nevada, Smuttynose, Avery, Founders, Belles, Russian Rivers, Great Sours, Great IPAs. And there are many more that I have not mentioned. Dogfish Head, I could really go on, but what you should really do is just find a brewery near where you are, look them up online, and see if it sounds interesting to you. Are they making a style that you love or that you're interested in finding out about? Chances are you're going to find a pretty awesome brewery.

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