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How to Drink Beer

Learn how to drink beer so you are enjoying it at its best from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


First thing to remember is that beer is a live product, so you wanna think of it more like milk and less like a can of seltzer water. In that, you know, wanna keep, keep it at a constant, cool temperature. You wanna use it when it's fresh. You don't wanna, you know, you don't want a hoppy beer to sit around. You wanna drink it when it's fresh. You don't want a hoppy beer to sit around, because what's gonna happen over time is those flavors are just going to diminish. The beer that, you know, was brewed a month ago is gonna be really different than beer that was brewed that day.

And that's part of why getting beer right from the brewery is a fantastic experience. But the worst thing that can happen is that beer sits around, let's say on a shelf, you know, you go in to buy it and it's six months later; it's almost not going to be recognizable in terms of the same product. You're gonna lose what so many people have spent so much time and effort into, you know, really creating. It's not that it goes bad and will spoil or hurt you or make you sick, it's just that you're gonna lose so many of the qualities that make it good. So to that end, you know, you, wanna make sure that when you have your beer you want to make sure that, number one that you, you wanna be drinking from reputable places.

And you also wanna be purchasing your bottles from reputable places that know how to rotate their stock, aren't afraid to, you know, turn things away or give things back if they're out of date. And, you know, that's really important. I'd say freshness is the most important quality. But then also, keeping it, you know, so it doesn't, it doesn't experience, you know, high heat. It stays in a very cool, you know, cellar-like temperature. Those are the basics in terms of how to treat beer.

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