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Does Beer Go Bad?

Learn if beer can go bad from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


Does beer go bad? In a short answer yes. But the answer is a bit more nuanced. Beer loses it's freshness, beer loses so many aspects that make it delicious as time goes on in general. And that is going to be true for your Hopi Beers and many very delicate beers, you want to drink those as fresh and as soon as you can. Conversely there are beers that take a long time to make, maybe even years when you get into your sours and your barrel aged and those beers sometimes actually increase there tastiness and value with time.

In that case those beers, they still may go bad but you have a much longer time frame and when beers like that go bad you will say they have turned and you will have an almost vinegary issue. If you have been aging a beer but you have aged just too long. A soy sauce quality comes out in beers that have been aged too long. So yes beer does go bad, but the question is how long does it take beer to go bad ? And that answer really depends on the style of beer you are talking about. So, yes beer does go bad.

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