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Craft Beer Expert Katherine Kyle

Learn about craft beer expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


I'm Catherine Kyle, the general manager of the Blank Tiger here in the West Village of Manhattan where we have been serving craft beer since 1996. I started working with craft beer in 2000. It was a job that I stumbled into but I quickly became a passion.

First of all, I found it absolutely delicious. I really enjoyed learning about all the different styles of beer. And each time I tasted it, even if I didn't like it, I really liked the process of seeing what it was that I liked, what I didn't like, learning what those flavors were and how they were brewed. And all of this took place really my whole education and introduction to craft beer by the people in the craft beer bar that I worked in. I quickly found out that it was the people that were just as inspiring as the liquid itself and to me that's what makes it silver rewarding.

I really enjoyed being around a group of people who are so inspired by what they're doing. It's very technical. It's very difficult to brew a good beer. Just ask any of the home brewers that you might know. And these people, they spend their life, their energies just you know really focusing on that. And they're very community-minded people in general. I've seen you know craft brewers help out other breweries that have been hit by disasters by brewing a beer just as a fund raiser for a whole different brewery. The conference at the breweries go to every year, it's a chance for them to hang out with old friends, and you know, see what's going on and what the latest projects that they were working on are.

Yes it's a competitive marketplace but what people are interested in is just getting together and geeking out on what the new brews are. In these series, I'm gonna introduce you to some of the basic concepts of craft beer. We're gonna talk about so many different styles. And we're gonna talk about how you can have fun with craft beer. We're gonna talk about beer tourism. We're gonna talk about some awesome breweries. And hopefully this will give you some inspiration to go out and try out some craft beer.

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