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How to Make a Braid Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Learn how to make a braid Rainbow Loom bracelet in this Howcast video featuring The Lanyard Ladies.


Hi, I'm Colleen from the Lanyard Ladies, and today I'm going to show you how to make the braid rainbow loom bracelet. To make the braid, you have to attach together. We're going to take out the right most row of pins from the two looms and attach them with one of these little blue attachers. And you'll need three colors of bands, a C-clip and your hook.

Before we start laying the bands, you want to make sure the arrows are pointing away from you on both of the looms.

Then we're going to grab our first band. And we're going to start with red, and we're going to attach it from the first pin to the second one on the left side.

Then we're going to grab a blue, and we're going to attach from this pin to this pin.

The next band is a red one. And we go from here to here.

The fourth band is yellow and we go from there to there.

Then we grab a red one and it goes from here to here, and the last band goes from here to here.

Now, this is the same pattern throughout the bracelet. So I'm going to show it to you two more times.

So we're going to take our red and connect it from here to here.
Then we need a blue. From here to here.
Then we grab a red.
The fourth one is a yellow.
Then we need a red.
And then a blue one.
From there to there.
Okay, that's the second pattern. We'll do it one more time.
From here to here.
Take a blue one. From here to here.
We'll do red.
There to there.
And red.
And blue.
Okay, so you want to continue with this pattern all the way to the end.
So this is what your loom should look like after your done placing the bands for the braid bracelet.
Now we're ready to hook so we have to carefully turn this around. And begin our hooking.
Grab your hook. The first thing we want to do is we're going to hook the blue over to the blue.
Then I'm going to grab this red, and I'm going to hook it to the red. And I'm actually going to hook this red to this one as well.
Mm K.

Now I'm going to do yellow. Go in behind the red, grab the yellow. I'm going to bring it up.
Now we're going to just keep rotating back and forth; hooking the colors as we go.

So we're going to take red, and bring it up to the red.
Grab your blue, and bring it up to the blue.
Red again up to red.
Blue over to blue.
Red to red.

So we're going to continue doing this all the way to the top.
So when you get to the end, you continue hooking as you were doing here, and we hook the last red to the red.
Then we need to take the end pins. Take your red and move them onto the blue pin.

Take these other set of reds and move them also onto the blue pin.
Mm K now what I want to do is take my hook and push it through the last pin.

Grab an extra band. Put it on your hook and pull this band up and through.

And, we're going to push this up on your hook. And now we're ready to pull the bands off the loom.
Okay, I can put my S-hook at this end.
We're going to attach it on this side.

And here you have your rainbow loom braid bracelet.

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