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How to Make a Double Cross Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Learn how to make a double cross fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelet in this Howcast video featuring The Lanyard Ladies.


Hi, I'm Colleen from The Land of Ladies, and today I'm going to show you how to make the double cross fishtail rainbow loom bracelet. You'll need a loom, a hook, two colors, or you can do it multi-color, the choice is yours, and an s-hook or a c clip. So, let's get started. First thing we need to do before we start laying our bends is to remove the center pin and square off the loom. So you're going to raise it up one notch and make sure that the arrow is facing away from you. So, we have the square bottom here. We're going to start with the white and we're going to make the figure eight with the white and put it on a diagonal from the center pin to the corner pin, and we're going to do the same with the black.

Make the eight on the diagonal to those two pins and you're going to push it down. Next, we're going to take a white, and just on top of the white, just put the bend across the two pins. Do the same with the black. Across the two pins. Black on top of black, and keep the white on top of the white. We're going to do this one more time. A white band on top of the white and a black band over the black. Now we're going to grab our hook and we're going to hook the bottom band over the pin to the center for all four pins. The white one we bring up and forward. The black on the bottom we bring up and over and we're going to reach in and get this white one on the bottom and bring that one up and over and we can push it down. And we're going to do this again. White over the white. and the black over the black. And now we just bring up the bottom band up into the center.

Over the pin and bring it into the center, both for the black and the white. Do it again. And you bring the bottom one up. This is the last time I'll show you the pattern, and then, you're on your own. You will do this until the bracelet is long enough that you need it for, based on your wrist size. So, once you get the bracelet long enough to your desired length, we'll finish it off. So we're going to take the bottom band of the white, right now there's only two, and you're going to bring that one forward and you're going to do the same thing on this side and bring up the band on the black side and the same thing on this side. So now we only have one band left on each. So we'll bring the white over and hook it onto the white pin and we're going to bring the black one over to the black pin. Now we're going to take it off the loom and put it on the hook. One side and two sides. And now we're just going to slide it off onto a band. Let's get this black one over there too. And I'm going to put my c clip on this side. Pull it tight. We can attach it over to this end.

And there you have the double cross fishtail rainbow loom bracelet.

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