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How to Make a Heart Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Learn how to make a heart Rainbow Loom bracelet in this Howcast video featuring The Lanyard Ladies.


Hi I'm Kaleen from The Lanyard Ladies and today I'm going to show you how to make the heart rainbow loom bracelet. You will need your loom, your hook, two colors bands and an seaclip or an S-hook. Before you start, you want to make sure the arrow is pointing away from you. So you're gonna grab your first band and we're going to hook it from the center pin to the second pin on the left, and you're going to make a V-pattern towards the right with another band.

Now we're going to take our purple, and we're going to go from the short side on both sides. Inverted V's. Now we're gonna do the pink again. We go from the center pin, up to the left (and you make your V), up to the right, and your purple goes inverted from here to here, the inverted V, like this. Then we're going to continue with this pink up to the left, another pink up to the right, and a purple, and another purple, to complete your inverted V. And you will continue with this pattern all the way to the end of your loom. As you're reaching the end, just continue with the same pattern...

Finish up that pattern, and this is how it should look after you've finished laying ot all of your bands. Now we're gonna grab our hook, turn the loom around, and we're going to begin hooking. You wanna grab the pink band on the left, and we're gonna bring this forward to the center pin. And the pink band on the right goes up to the center pin. And then the purple, we grab the the top purple, bring it over to the left, and this purple comes over to the right. And we're gonna keep doing this so we're gonna grab the left pink, bring it up to the center the right pink, goes up to the center, now we have to go inside this pink here, grab the top purple, bring it up to the left, and go away to bring the other purple, bring it up to the right. Now we're going to get the pink, bring it forward, this pink goes up forward, go in into the center, grab the top purple bring it up to the left, and the right purple goes up to the right. now we're going to continue with this pattern.

In case you get to the end, you just keep hooking, pink over pink, and then we're gonna go in and get the purple, Bring the purple to the purple, go in and get the right purple, bring that over this way, and then we're going to get ready to pull the bracelet off of the loom! You wanna take your purple bands, bring them to the center on both sides. Then you take your hook, put it down into the pin through all of the bands, then put an additional band on the end of the hook and pull it up through, and attach it to your hook all the way up. Now we're ready to pull of the loom!

Let's go here...

And here is your heart bracelet! But now we still have to make an extension on this bracelet. So, we're gonna turn the loom back around, and I'm gonna use some purple, I like to use eight, so I'm sure that it fits my wrist, and then I'm gonna take the bracelet off and put it on the loom, off the hook and onto the loom, and just turn it around and just start hooking now the extension.

Now we can get our S-hook, just clip it right on the end, and pull our extension off, attach these two bands, and here you have the heart rainbow loom bracelet!

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