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How to Make a Honeycomb Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Learn how to make a honeycomb Rainbow Loom bracelet in this Howcast video featuring The Lanyard Ladies.


Hi I am Coleen from the Lanyard Ladies, and today I'd like to show you how to make the honeycomb rainbow loom bracelet. You'll need your loom, your hook and I have the rainbow colors of bands, and you'll also need a C clip. Before you start placing your bands, you want to make sure that the red arrow is facing away from you. We are going to start with the red, and we are going to place the first band on a diagonal from that pin to the left pin. And we are going to go up to the right. And then we are going to go like this, we are creating the first diamond or honeycomb position.

Okay, so that is the first one, now we are going to the same thing now with the next color, orange. And now we are going to do yellow. And you will continue in this pattern with the other three colors till you get to the end of your loom. You finish up with the purple. We are going to add one band, at the end, in a triangle shape, like this. And now we are ready to turn the loom around and begin hooking. We are going to start by hooking the purple up to the left. And this purple will go up to the right. And now we are just gonna bring everything forward.

Bring this purple forward. And then we go in and get this one and bring it to the center, to complete the honeycomb shape. Okay, and now you are gonna go in here and gonna get the blue. Grab that blue band, bring it up to the left, and grab this blue band and bring it up to the right. Okay and keep hooking your bands forward. We are gonna bring this band into the center and this band up into the center also. And now we are going to do the green honeycomb, you are gonna go into the blue, grab the green one on the left. Bring this to the left side. And you are going to take the right green band and bring that over to the right. Grab the green side and bring it forward, the right side goes up forward. We go over to the left, bring over the left green one to the center and we'll do the same to the right, bring that to the center. And you will continue this pattern all the way till you get to the red honeycomb at the end. Okay, so we are just going to finish off with the red. Bring the red to the center, bring this last red to the center.

And we are going to take a red band, we're gonna put the hook in the center pin, put the band on the end of the hook. And you are gonna pull it through, and you hook the otherside of the band up on the hook. And now we're ready to pull the bracelet off of the loom. Okay, and there is our honeycombs, let's just make a quick extension, we're gonna turn the loom around, and I am going to make this extension rainbow colored. orange. and then I am gonna add the bracelet to the last to pins and now I turn the loom around and begin hooking the extension. And then I take my C clip, I put the clip on the last band, and then I will pull this off, and I will hook it to the bands on this end. And there you have the honeycomb rainbow loom bracelet.

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