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Does the PlayStation 4 Support the DUALSHOCK 3 Controller?

Learn if the PS4 supports the DUALSHOCK 3 controller from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So does the Play Station 4 support the Dual Shot 3 control? If you don't know what the dual shot free control is, it's the Play Station 3 controller. Unfortunately, the short answer is no, it does not support it. But now, it does support other things. For instance, if there's a game made that utilize the Play Station Move controller, it will use the Play Station Move. However, an important thing for you to know is that doesn't mean Play Station Move games from PS3 will work on the PS4. They have to be the games specifically made for the PS4.

An another cool feature that's actually great selling point is that the Vita, Play Station Vita functions as a controller if you gonna do remote play. So in a wired way, you can use the Vita as controller, you can use the Move as controller, and of course there's a dual shot for. And I think the most important fact is that the Dual Shot 4 is just way better all around than the Dual Shot 3. So there's really no reason why you gonna don't wanna use Dual Shot 3 on the Play Station 4.

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