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What Hard Drive Sizes Are Supported by the PlayStation 4?

Learn what hard drive sizes are supported by the PS4 from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So what hard drive sizes are supported on the PS4? If you read anything into the PS4, you know you can actually remove the hard drive that comes with it and put in your own. Technically speaking, as far as Sony support goes, what you need is a 2.5 inch internal hard drive that is [Seda] and it has to be no thicker than nine and a half millimeters. It has to be at least 5400 RPM and it has to be at least 160 GB. Now that's a lot of tech talk. What that essentially means you gonna want some sort of laptop hard drive. Now there're pros and cons to even thinking about getting another hard drive.

The Play Station 4 comes with 5400 GB as default and some people think that's not enough for downloadable games and you gonna want a larger one. Getting larger one, by no means better idea. The unfortunate part is getting a larger hard drive that's so much smaller is expensive. You can probably find one, maybe even a terabyte and a half or two terabyte drive and it will expand on what you can download, however, you are gonna be paying a hefty price to do so. They can go anywhere from 150 to 200, even 300 dollars for such a drive.

The cool thing is you can also experiment with the kind of hard drive you have. So right now, the Play Station 4 has a standard hard disc drive, but you can use a solid state drive which will decrease the loading time. The thing is it's not really gonna decrease it significantly. All the tests that people have done have shown that you'll maybe shave off ten, 15, 20 seconds off of your loading and you gonna be paying a couple hundred dollars extra just to do that which really, depends on how much you're willing to spend for that performance increase.

But that's the long and short of it of what sort of hard drive the Play Station 4 supports.

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