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PS4 Hardware Performance vs. PS3

Learn how the PS4 hardware performance compares to that of the PS3 from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So the PS3, PS4, how do they preform differently? The short of it is the PS4 is way better. There are a number of reasons as to why. For one its got eight gigabytes of ram which is sixteen times the amount that the P;ayStation3 have.

And that's going to probably give it a lot of longevity and it gonna give developers a lot of room to play with when they're developing games four or five years down the line when they really wana push the hardware to its limits. It's got a bunch of other little, component upgrades in there that really play a part besides the very generalized better processors, and better graphics capabilities.

You 802.11N which would give you increased network performance over, ya know, the standard 802.11B and D which is sort of what the internets been based on fro a couple of years now and its got a Blu-Ray player that is three times as fast which means it'll be able to read the content off of the games, much faster than the PlayStation 3 did. It also has a lot of software upgrades that soft of increase performance. So for instance the PlayStayion4 as a standard policy install every game that you put into it. It does that because reading a game off a hard drive is a lot faster than reading a game off a dick. This was something that some developers could utilize last generation, but now all developers have to utilize it.

And what that's going to mean is that games age going to have a lot less loading involved in it. So in general that's just sort of going to increase how the game preforms. I think the real take away here is all of these little performance upgrades sort of come together and what they do is give you a system that really sort of earns the name of a Next Gen Console Gaming Experience.

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