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Does PlayStation 4 Support 4K Output for Games?

Learn if PS4 supports 4K output for games from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


Speaker: So the topic everybody is talking about lately is 4-K, 4-K resolution. It's the new HD beyond 1080p, and a question lot of people ask is will the PS4 support 4-K output for games? The answer. the short answer is no, it's not going to. The longer answer is that there is some 4-K support to a limited extent in the PS4. It'll support 4-K video, it will support 4-K photos, and I guess if you have a 4-K TV that does any sort of up-scaling.

It will up-scale your 1080p games. However it's looking very likely that the PlayStation-4 is only going to really output 1080p as far as games are concerned. And the reason for that is, well it's a 4-K resolution in terms of, you know your vertical height. there is so much more going on on the screen and for a game, that requires a lot more processing power, a lot more under the hood. So, well that's a great question to ask, I think it's a better question to ask once it comes time to talk about the PlayStation-5.

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