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How to Play Disc-Based Games on PlayStation 4

Learn how to play disc-based games on PS4 from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So how do you play disc based games on the PS4? It's actually kind of ridiculously simple. You just put the disc in and play the game. The longer explanation is that when you put the disc in, it'll actually show up at the front of your dynamic menu here, and it's as simple as just hitting the start button and it will start to load the game. Whats cool is, even though the PlayStation 4 requires you to install every game that you play whether its disc based or downloadable, you can actually jump into the game a lot sooner than when that install finished.

What will happen is that the game will actually preinstall the first level or so, so that you can hop into that and start playing and in the background it will install the rest of the game. So you don't actually have to wait too long to hop it. This is great because before the PlayStation 4 launch and the XBOX One launch, there was a lot of talk about DRM and a lot of restrictive ways of making disc based gaming sort of a hassle more than pleasure. Luckily they haven't acted on any of that stuff so it really is as simple as put the game in and just play.

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