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PlayStation 4's Top 3 Improvements over PS3

Learn the top three ways the PS4 has improved on the PS3 from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So what are the top improvements of the PS4 over the PS3. Well the first and the biggest and the most important one is that the hardware of the PS4 is so much better. Its going to allow for better games, more immerse experiences, just sort of something that will earn the name next gen. But beyond that there are lots cool little improvements over the PS3.

next biggest one in my opinion is the dual shock 4. This controller is in my opinion probably the best console controller right now to date ver made. It just feels good. Its got good ergonomics. Its got a share button which sounded like a gimmick at first but that actually sort of rolls into another improvement over the PS3, which is sharing. Now personally you might not be into it as much and that's fine. That really boils down to your personality. But the PS4 has actually integrated twit streaming and Facebook sharing with video clips and photos so now you can actually while your playing a game just easily within a matter of 10 seconds start a twit stream. Your friends or complete strangers on the internet can watch you playing the game and tell you how good you are at it or how awful you are at it. All sorts of tips things like that.

Another cool improvement over the PS3 is that its got a design that's sort of really helped for people with families or roommates, or boyfriends, or girlfriends. In that every dual shock 4 controller has a headphone jack. Which means what you can do is take any pair of headphones any standard headphones plug it into the controller and it will route all of the audio of the game into those headphones. So you can play at 2 in the morning without waking your family up and you don't have to worry about how loud the TV is.

Another big improvement is the software of the PlayStation 4. It was very much designed learning the lessons that it learned the hard way in the PS3 era. Which is that there is a big emphasis on downloadable content and a big emphasis on installing content. The difference was, if you've ever had a PS3, you know that you would have to sit there and wait 10 minutes while a game installs or you would have to wait 15 minutes while a game downloads or even hours if its a full size game. Now the PS4 has been designed so that you can jump into these games while its still doing that in the background. So, essentially the whole theme of the PS4 is less waiting for you, less work for you, just minimized that time between you turning on the PlayStation 4 and jumping into a game and having fun with it.

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