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How Many PSN Friends Can I Have on PlayStation 4?

Learn how many PSN friends you can have on PS4 from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So you've got a PlayStation 4. You're starting to add friends and you're wondering, "How many friends can I actually have on PSN?" Well, the good news is they actually recently upped the cap on how many friends you can have by a lot. The hard number is 2,000. You can have 2,000 PlayStation Network friends. And what's cool is that the PlayStation 4 actually adds features that makes it a little more dynamic. Before, you added them through their PSN name, whatever that name they picked was, and that was that. You just had that list.

With the PS4 now, you can actually submit a real name request. And what that means is that when you submit that, it will ask your friend if they want to give their real name to you and then they will show up on your PSN friend list under their real name. So it's a great way of sort of splitting up people you might know in real life versus people you just know from playing games online and keeping it a little more organized for when you've got all 2,000 of your friends online and playing that new PS4 game.

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