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How to Set Parental Controls on PlayStation 4

Learn how to set parental controls on the PS4 from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So, how do you set up parental controls on the Playstation 4? Like all gaming consoles and gaming platforms today, there are games that you are going to want your young kids to play and there are games you don't want them to play.

And the easy way of managing that is to set up parental controls. So as you saw there, you just, want to go to the settings button over on your cross media bar, and then you want to go down to parental controls. And then here you can actually on a very broken down level change what an account can or cannot do or what the Playstation as a whole can or cannot do. Now you have a four digit passcode, which is all numerical. You're going to set that up. And then using that you are going to be able to go in and decide whether or not you want the internet browser to be restricted, whether you want it to play dvd's, whether you want it to play Blu-rays, what rating levels you're going to want applications to use. You might want to restrict it, so that it can only play games.

And you might want to restrict it further so that it only plays games of a certain rating. Things like that are actually going to make it very easy for you to, sort of, customize and tailor how you want the Playstation 4 to act around your kids.

Another cool way of managing this is rather than having a list of features that are applied to a child while you might be a gamer yourself, you can actually create different profiles and have different levels of parental controls for each profile. So you can have a profile for your child that is restricted to teen games, while you on your master account can play anything. So you might have a profile for your son in which you turn off Blu-rays and you allow them to play teen rated games while your master account can play anything and do anything. And that is just sort of a quick way of how you can break down parental controls to cater the experience for your kids.

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