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What Is the PlayStation 4 Dynamic Menu?

Learn about the PS4 Dynamic Menu from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So what's this new dynamic menu everyone's talking about when they talk about the Play Station 4? Well, it's a new menu on the main menu screen and it's dynamic. But I guess there's more to it than that. So what it is is the menu that actually changes depending on what you are doing with your Play Station 4 to make it as simple to navigate as possible. Fo instance, if I put a game in, it's going to move that games icon right to the front of the menu so I don't have to go and dig in for it. Another great aspect of the dynamic menu is that I can expand downwards.

If I go down, I can see news about DLC for Assassins Creator, I can see trophies I might have earned, I can see what friends of mine have been playing, I can even see how many people who own a Play Station 4 are like this game, they're like its own Like system. So essentially the dynamic menu is this menu that constantly changing to give you new information that might be relevant for you, that might make it easier for you to navigate. But most importantly, it is the menu that alters itself so that there's a little time as possible between you putting in a game and you playing a game.

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