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Will Any PlayStation 4 Titles Use an Online Pass?

Find out if any PS4 titles will use an online pass from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


Man 1; So one question a lot of people have been asking is will ps4 games require an online pass. And to first answer that question we need to talk about what an online pass is. So back in the last generation in an effort to sort of curve people from reselling their games, developers have instituted these online passes and what that is are these little white pieces of paper with codes on them and you would need to input that code in order to play the online component of the game and the idea was that it only worked once so if you bought a game new, you got the online pass for no extra charge and you would be fine.

However, if you bought a used game, it would not have that pass and you would have to buy a pass for like ten dollars and you would have to put it in and that is how you would get the full game experience so the idea was that would curve the habit of buying games used. The good news is it didnt fully work how the publish wanted it to. and the official answer was will ps4 games use online passes, its really up to the developers if a publisher wants to use an online pass system, there is nothing stopping them from doing it. Sony has come out and said that they will not be instituting any sort of policy like that. So first party games, you dont have to worry about 3rd party games, it depends on the game. but the good news is because they havent been working at their intended goal of curving new game sales, I think you will be seeing a lot less of them going forward. You already see companies like Ubisoft who have completely abandoned their online pass system. So if anything, that sort of leaves the trend of online passes becoming a thing of the past.

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