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How DUALSHOCK 4's Integrated Speaker Impacts Gameplay

Learn how DUALSHOCK 4's integrated speaker impacts gameplay from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So, the Dual Shock Four comes with an integrated speaker, and a question a lot of people will talk about is how does the speaker impact the game play of the games you're playing? Unfortunately, there's really no clear answer to that. That really is going to depend on the game and on the developers, and how they integrate it. Um, all we can really do is look at how it's been used so far, and make, uh, inferences as to how it will be used in the future. For instance, the PSN title that came out at launch called resogun uses the speaker in a way that when the game informs you that there's a yumon to save, because it's a game where you're saving yumons, it'll do it through the speaker rather than through the television. So, you can, I guess, hear it closer. But, that's just sort of an arbitrary example of how you can just throw in the speaker functionality.

I think a more immersive example would be the Playroom. The Playroom is the, um, augmented reality game that uses the Playstation Four camera. And, that uses it in a really creative way, because, uh, in that game you have these little robots who, uh, within the game live in the controller, and, so, you hear sounds coming out of the controller that would imply that there are these little robots in there moving around. And, the little sound effects of the things you do with the controller come out from the controller. So, it's sort of a fourth wall breaking way. It uses the sounds to, sort-of, add another layer of immersion to the games.

But, beyond that we really don't know how it's going to be used. It's entirely possible that a developer can put out a game that doesn't touch the speaker whatsoever. Or, you can have a game uses it all the time, every couple of seconds. Um, it's going to be up to the developer and how that affects the games is really just going to depend on the game.

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