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What Is Remote Play?

Learn about remote play from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So how do you set up remote play on the Playstation 4?

Well first let's talk about what remote play is. Remote play is the ability to control and play games on the PS4 using your Playstation Vita and the playstation vita is the handheld playstation console. So setting it up is actually very simple, once you have your Playstation 4 up you're going to need your Vita next to you. You're gonna want them both to be connected to one wifi and you're going to go over to settings right here and you're going to scroll all the way down to "Playstation Vita Connection Settings" and you're going to want to make sure "Enable Remote Play" is checked. You're going to want to check "Connect directly to the PS Vita" and then you're going to wanna go to "Add device." and Sort of like pairing any sort of bluetooth device with a computer it's gonna give you this 8 digit code and then the next step of the process is gonna be here on the vita. So let me pull up the vita and using the latest software updates it's going to come with something called "PS4 Link" and when you hit that it's going to ask you for the first time for that 8-digit code. and you're just going to put it in and then you'll be all set. Once you have it set up and you launch the remote play it's gonna ask you if you want it to be "remote play" or "second screen." Now the difference between this is that remote play mirrors everything going on with the Playstation 4 onto the Vita. So it's essentially like playing your PS4 on a Vita. Second screen is referring to what some games might implement and what that means is while you're playing the game on the PS4 with your controller you can use the vita as a second screen to do additional things.

For instance with the play room you can create little objects and throw it to your "AR" bots using the Vita. So that's sorta the two different ways that the Vita plays into the PS4. But for remote play you're just going to hit "remote play." It's going to wanna connect. Now the cool thing is it's going to first try and connect directly to the Playstation which means you're going to wanna be nearby it. The second thing it's going to try to do is connect to the Playstation through your wifi, so through a local network. And then the next thing it's going to do beyond that if it doesn't find it it's going to go onto the internet, it's going to try and find it as long as your Playstation is configured so that it's on the internet and it's in standby mode it'll find it through there. And you'll be playing through the internet. Now an important thing to note there is that you're gonna want to be on WiFi, you're going to want a good connection because you are streaming a video game so a little bit of latency does make a difference depending on the game you're playing.

But in this scenario we're playing within a local network and in fact this is probably connected through direct connections so there should be no latency problems. Now as you can see it's actually pulled up the connection settings that I had on screen before so I am, for all intents and purposes, in the PS4. I can actually back out and as you can see, I am navigating through the PS4 like anything else. And I can open a game and play a game. Now one thing you're going to want to be considerate of is that the controller mapping between the Vita and Dual-Shock 4 is slightly different so you've got some of the basics, you've got the two dual sticks, you've got the Playstation button which acts as the Playstation button on the dual shock, you've got your start and select here which act as your "share" and your "options" button and you've got your four face buttons. So you've got your two shoulder buttons here which map to the shoulder buttons of the Dual-Shock 4.

Now what's missing from the vita are the two trigger buttons. They don't have triggers. But what it does have is a rear touch pad and so what happens in most cases is if a game uses it is that it's going to map the two triggers to the rear touch on the left or right side. and to that extent the touch pad on the front of the Dual-Shock is mapped to the touch screen on the Vita. And then the last control that you need to think about is the R3 and L3. Now with the dual shock you have two analog sticks and you can click down on them and that's what's known as L3 and R3 whichever stick it is. These don't click down they're just analog sticks that move around so to simulate the clicking on the R3 and L3 it's usually mapped to these little corners here. So if this video itself hasn't been evidence enough sometimes mapping a Playstation game to the Vita can be complicated.

It can be not as intuitive as you want it to be so really how you use remote play is going to depend a lot on what game you're playing. A game like this "Resogun" is actually pretty simple, only uses a couple buttons so this will actually be a really easy thing to do. And then the last thing I would like to talk about when it comes to remote play that I think is a really cool feature is that you can use remote play to wake up your Playstation 4 and put it to sleep.

So in theory, if you want to use this to play a Playstation 4 that's on the other side of the house and it's in standby mode you don't have to go turn it on to get into remote play you can actually turn it on through here. The app will look for the Playstation, it'll find it, it'll turn it on, and then at the very end it'll turn it of. And then if you click the "Playstation" button here it'll bring up this little menu and ask you if you are pushing the Playstation button on the PS4 or whether you're pushing Playstation button for the Vita. So you can either go in through the menu of the Playstation 4 or I could go into the menu of the Vita itself and back out and go and play my Vita games. So that's just a quick look at how you can set up remote play and use remote play with your Playstation 4 and your Vita.

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