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Does PlayStation 4 Support Voice Commands?

Find out if PS4 supports voice commands from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So does the Play Station 4 supports voice commands? The short answer is yes it does. But how? Well, that's great, because there are a lot of options. One way you can use voice command is with the microphone that comes with the Play Stations 4, the head set, or any head set you plug into dual shot form, that will work for voice commands. You can also use it through a microphone that you plug directly into the Play Station.

For instance, I've plugged USB mic right in front of the Play Station that has also function but for this example, we gonna be using Play Station camera which actually has a microphone built in. So using it is simple as just saying the words "Play Station". As you can see, the menu pops up and sort of gives me the options what I can do next. So in this case, we'll try taking screen shot. "Take screen shot." Done. It's simple as that. Now unfortunately, at this point, the functionality is kind of limited as you can see. There're only really five options at the base level and then those will expand little bit. "Play Station." "Start." And it jumps right into the game. This sort of mimics what the Xbox 1 does with the connect.

The bear functionality of starting your Play Stations, turing off your Play Station, it could be very useful, but don't expect to see this use too much within gaming or too much within the UI at least in the near future. But that's just a quick look at how you can use a microphone functionality to use voice commands with the Play Station 4.

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