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Benefits of PlayStation Plus

Learn about the benefits of PlayStation Plus from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


Rob: So what are the benefits of Playstation Plus? Well first, let’s quickly talk about what Playstation Plus is. Playstation Plus is the premium service that Sony offers for Playstation users. That spans the PS 3, the PS 4, and the PS Vita. The biggest perk for the PS 4, is, that is the primary way you’re going to playing games online. It used to be something that you could do for free with the PS 3, but now it’s something that you need for PS 4, in most cases. There are a few free to play games that don’t require it, but they’re going to be very sparse, so don’t count on them for playing your online games. The next biggest benefit, is something called the instant game collection.

And what that is, it’s essentially, it’s almost like Netflix for games, in that, as long as you’ re a Playstation Plus member, you have access to this library that’s always changing. They’re always taking games out and adding new games, of games that you can download and play at no additional charge. So that’s a great perk because its usually anywhere from, like, four to five games a month.

There’s always something new every week for one of those platforms. So there’s always something there to download and try out. They often also offer additional discounts on sales for PSN games. So whether its DLC, or a downloadable game, you might see, like, an extra couple of bucks knocked off if you’re a PS Plus member. So it’s always a great way of saving money, here or there.

And then the final feature, that’s actually really great for Playstation Plus, is the cloud back up save. So what it does is, it takes your saved games for the PS 4, and it backs them up to their clouds, so that if you ever need to wipe the hard drive, or you’re at a friends house, or you just need to access that save, you can pull it off of the cloud, and you’ll have it there. And it will automatically upload, usually, when you’re saving a game and quitting out of it, as long as you’re connected to the internet. It’ll just have it there for you. So that’s just a quick look at the perks and benefits of being a Playstation Plus member.

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