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Free Network Services That Don't Require PlayStation Plus

Learn about free network services that don't require PlayStation Plus from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So what network services don't required PS plus on PS 4. Well the great answer to that most of them don't required it. In fact it be almost easier to talk about what is required because the answer is .. beyond outside of that everything else doesn't required it. So things like Netflix, Quell, crackle they don't require play station plus description . PlayStation is required to playing games online for most of the game and its required for access to the instant game collection and its required for backing up safe to the cloud .

Outside of those three main points, there isn't really requirement for PS plus for anything else outside of that . So if you want you know ESPN or HULU or any of these other apps that are there, the website , browser all of these stuffs not requires Play Station Plus , you could just take the PS 4 out of the box and without and account just go straight to using it.

Now its important to know, is outside of Play Station Plus there are other services that Sony offers , there something calls music unlimited and video unlimited and those are similar to Netflix and Hulu and you know they are paid services for entertainment . And something that I should clarify is that these are all services that don't required an additional charge of Play Station Plus , so if you wanna use NETFLIX you still need a paid for your Netflix account but you do not have also pay for Play Station Plus account. Another reason this isn't even a question because last gen with the Xbox 360 in order to use things like HULU and Netflix you needed those accounts that you are paying for like you also needed a pay for Xbox Live account . So there is a sort of additional charge that people getting use to . And luckily with the Play Station 4 don't really have to worry bout that.

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