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What Does the PlayStation App Do?

Learn about the PlayStation app from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So what does the Playstation app do? First off, what is the Playstation app? The Playstation app is a smartphone application that ties into the Playstation 4. I have it right here on my iPhone, but you can pick it out for whatever platform you're on, whether it's Android or so forth. So when you open the app, you'll notice that the primary use of this thing is to really manage your Playstation network. I could take a look at my friends, see what they're playing, send them messages, see what's going on over there. I can adjust the settings.

The settings button actually affects the settings of the app itself, so you're not going into the Playstation settings. That's just for the app. I could take a look at trophies that I've earned. I'm not exactly sure why you're going to want to do that on the go, but the options there, which is great. You could look at your profile. And more importantly, you can go into the store.

Now the reason this is important is because the Playstation 4 allows for remote powering on and off. So in theory, I could go to the store, I can buy a game, and it will tell my Playstation, which might be all the way at home while I'm at work, to turn on, download the game, and then turn off. So I can have that game ready and waiting for me when I get home, which is really awesome and probably the biggest perk of this app. And then on top of it, there's also the Connect to PS4. Now the reason you're going to want to do this, if at all, is because it allows you to use your phone as an input device for the Playstation 4. So we all know the sort of pain of having to use a controller to enter in a long WiFi password, or to enter in a message to somebody.

But using this, I can just connect to the PS4, pull up the keyboard, and type out the message like I would any other text message and send it over to my friend or connect the WiFi or whatever I want to do. So that's just a quick look at what you can do with the Playstation 4 app.

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