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What Is the PlayStation 4 "What's New" Feature?

Learn about the PS4 feature "What's New" from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So what's new besides the Play Station 4? What's new is a new section of the dynamic menu, it's over here on the left, and what it is is sort of like a social networking hub that is surrounded around in Play Station 4.

If I go down What's New here, it's very much structured in a way, you sort of see, I guess Tumbler or Facebook or any of these social networks where it's throwing all these little bits of information at you. And they all relate to the vide game that's been going on with your friends in Play Station Network. So for instance, I have a friend here who started broadcasting right now FIFA, so I can go in and start watching him play FIFA or I can see what trophies this other person as earned in this game or I can see screen shots that somebody might have shared through the share functionality. All of that would be done through here and I could also see what people have been playing depending whether or not they wanna share that information.

And occasionally you'll see ads from Play Station Store or for movies or games things like that. So ensure What's New section is meant to be, a sort of summary of what's going on with you and your friends in Play Station Network. Now as you can see here, it's still gonna take some getting used to it. I think people are not really acromated to the idea of sharing so much of themselves when it comes to playing games. Right now, it just shows so and so played this, so and so played that, because we're not sort of conditioned yet to think to share screen shot, to share the videos, this is so new for all of us. But I think over the couple of years into this generation, you gonna see this start to change up more and for all, we know Sony will have more for the What's New, maybe make some stuff out. It'll be this ever changing social network. So that's What's New.

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