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Media Streaming Functionality of PS4 vs. PS3

Learn how PS4 media streaming compares to that of the PS3 from expert gamer Rob Pimentel in this Howcast video.


So you have a PS4, and you want to get into media streaming. First let's take a look at what media streaming is. Now, you might be thinking of game play streaming, and that's something that the Playstation 4 can do through the share functionality, and that's this whole separate category. But media streaming is the idea of taking media on a dedicated box, usually just a little dedicated computer, and streaming it to the PS4 so that you can watch movies, TV, listen to music, all on your television in your home entertainment system.

The PS3 supported this, you could download an app and set it up, and it was great, and everything was fine. Unfortunately, and I hate to be the person to bring bad news, there is no media streaming on the PS4. Now that's not the worst case in the world. Now there are lots of streaming services out there. There's Netflix and Hulu. But there is no out of the box support for just straight up media streaming.

Sony has come forward and they say that they take suggestions to heart, and they've actually shown that they plan to add support for things that people want that isn't usually there. They haven't officially confirmed that they're gonna bring media streaming to the PS4, but it seems like something they know people want, and they seem to be on this kick of really giving consumers what they want. So I think it's a safe assumption to think that within the next couple of years, you'll see them bring official support of media streaming to the Playstation 4.

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