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Does PlayStation 4 Have Party Chat?

Find out if PS4 has party chat from expert gamer Rob Pimental in this Howcast video.


Rob: So does the Playstation 4 have party chat. It was something that was sorely missed in the Playstation 3, and I’m happy to report that the Playstation 4 does, in fact, have party chat. Right now, I’m going to show you how you’d start one. So if you go over here, it’s got its own dedicated button here on the cross media bar. You just go over to party. You hit x, and it will either show you parties that are open that you’re allow to join, or it will give you the option to create a party. So I’m going to go to create a party, and it’s going to default the name to your PSN name, so my name is Jerkfish.

So it’s going to say Jerkfish’s party, and it’s going to allow me to decide between making it an invite only party, or a friends of friends. So whichever you pick, it’s going to determine who can join, who can’t. And then you’re going to go ahead, and you’re going to hit create party. And the next thing it’s going to do, is it’s going to bring up this menu in which you can manage the party. Now the cool thing is, parties in the PS4 are cross game. So for instance, I can be playing Resogun right now, and I can have someone join who’s playing Assassins Creed, and we can still talk to each other, even though we’re in completely different games, which is fantastic. I can set the chat audio to party or game.

So, if I want to, maybe, mute the party for a moment because a real cut scene in the game’s coming up and I want to pay attention, I can go ahead and switch over to that. I can have it set the volume to prioritize the party or to prioritize, you know, evenly as a default setting. And what that does is, if you prioritize it to the party, the in game audio will lower whenever somebody’s talking in the party, so you can hear what they’re saying. If you turn that off, everything will be even. You might not catch everything that’s being said, but you won’t have to worry about, you know, your game being drowned out by somebody talking. This button up here is your invite. It’ll just bring up your friends list, and you can pick what friends you want to invite. You can give them a custom message there when you send out that invite. So you can say, “Hey, do you want to play Battlefield?”

Send a message, send it over. So if you go down here to view parties, it’s going to show you a list of parties that are already in session. And again, this is going to depend on the privacy settings that they set. So if they set it to invite only, you’re not going to be able to just jump into their party and play. And then, you could just leave, and you can leave your party, if you want to just go enjoy video games on your own. So, it’s just a quick look at how parties work on the Playstation 4.

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