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4 Lesser-Known Tips about PlayStation 4

Learn four lesser-known tips about PS4 from expert gamer Rob Pimental in this Howcast video.


So right now I'm going to walk you through a couple of lesser know cool tips and ways that you can utilize the
PlayStation 4 a little better that might not be as well know, and the first is going to involve the controller.

So the controller here uses a micro USB for connecting to the PlayStation 4 and for charging and what's really great is that it doesn't require to be plugged in to the PS4 to charge. And this isn't something that Sony has like come out with and talked about, but you can go ahead and charge this controller through another device while you're using it. So maybe if my living room is, you know, too big and my PlayStation is too far away and I can't run the cable to it, I would be able to, in theory, run this to a laptop and charge off a laptop while I'm playing, So it's just a cool way to work around the shorter lifespan of the controller. Another cool tip involving the controller is the headphones port. So, it's got a port here for headsets and headphones, and what's really cool is, besides using for chat, you can use it for all game audio. So if you go into your settings menu right here, and you head on down to sound and screen, you can go down to audio output settings, and right here it's not highlighted because I don't have the headset plugged in, but if I plug it in right here it'll pop up. And I can change it from chat audio to all audio and now all of the games audio will go through the controller to the headset and I won't have to wake up whoever is in my apartment at three in the morning while I'm playing video games. Another thing to keep in mind is standby mode.

So when you go over to power when you're done playing, you can have a couple of options here, You can just log out, which would leave the PlayStation 4 turned on, but just logged out of your username. There's standby mode and turn of PS4. Now we through past generations might be acclimated to just turning off a console when it's done, but what's really cool is the standby mode.This is what you're probably going to want to leave it on, because what this does, it allows the PlayStation 4 to turn on and off for a lot of cool little features.

For instance, I can remotely buy a game on the PlayStation Network while I'm at work or school or wherever and it will come out of standby mode, download the game, and then return to standby mode. I could also use it for remote play. If I leave it in standby mode, and bring my Vita to work with me, I could pull it out of standby mode with the Vita, play some games over the WiFi and then put it back into standby mode again. So something you want to keep in mind is standby mode is probably the better option when you're done at the end of the day. Then finally, and my favorite tip is regarding typing. Now this something that's been a problem for so long with consoles, you want to send a message, but he problem is that you need to go through with your controller and pick all of the letters and it takes too long. But as you can see right now on the screen, I'm moving an icon almost similar to the way a mouse would work. And the way you do that, is you just click down on the R3, which is the right control stick.

If you click down on it, it switches it over from a, you know, sort of binary up and down, left and right to using the gyroscope so that you can go and you can select the letters. And while it's not the fastest method of typing in to the PlayStation console, it is better than just going through and going up, down, left, right, X, you know, So that's just a cool little unknown feature that hasn't really been talked about at all yet. And those are just a couple of cool little tips and features that you want to keep in mind with your PlayStation 4.

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