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What Can the PlayStation 4 Camera Do?

Learn what the PS4 camera can do from expert gamer Rob Pimental in this Howcast video.


So what does the PlayStation Camera do? The PlayStation Camera, if you're not familiar with, is a completely optional preferred for PlayStation 4. It is a camera with these two lenses here, it's got a built-in microphone, and it's got a variety of differences for it. Right now, around the time of launch, it's pretty limited. What it'll do is it will offer a camera and microphone for streaming on U Stream or Twitch, so you can have a picture in picture of you face and then your live commentary while you're streaming games.

And it will also be useful for something called Playroom which is sort of not so much a game as much as it's a tech demo that shows off the camera, which does work with augmented reality technology and it sort of keeps an open field for the future. So if you have something like Gang Essential or yet something like Fitness Game that's come out, it will be able to use this camera for. It isn't as complex or sophisticated as say the Kinect, however, it will give you that core functionality. And it'll give it to you at fraction of price of Kinect.

So that's just a quick look at what the Play Station Camera does.

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