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Does the PlayStation 4 Camera Support AR Technology?

Find out if the PS4 camera supports AR technology from expert gamer Rob Pimental in this Howcast video.


But does the PlayStation camera here support AR technology? Well, first let's talk about what AR technology is. AR technology is augmented reality technology. And the idea of augmented reality is to take footage from a camera, so live action footage of like me sitting here and to overlay it with digitally, you know, generated graphics. And beyond that it just sort of allows you to interact with those digitally created characters. So the playroom is actually a fantastic example of AR technology. In fact that's sort of what it was made for.

The idea of being able to hold the controller in my hand and have an extension of the menu that's completely digital pop up and then I can go through that menu and interact with it, that's AR technology. So this does support it. In fact AR technology is really more of a software side technology So, really, most cameras will support it. It's the software you have to wonder about and seeing as how the Vita supports AR technology, seeing as how that's something pretty much any actually can do that with most smartphones you can have apps that use AR technology, it's a given that the PlayStation IV would support it as well.

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