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What Comes with the PlayStation 4?

Learn what comes with the PS4 from expert gamer Rob Pimental in this Howcast video.


Lets take a quick look at what comes with the PlayStation4 when you get out and buy it. Uh, now the first foremost most important part of it is the actual PlayStation4 console. It's a s smaller than the PlayStation3, definitely smaller than the XBox One. Its a nice little console here. Um, its got a bunch of ports on the back so first up you've got your power port, which is kind of important since this requires electricity. Uh, it has an HDMI out which is the only form of video out that the PlayStation4 has, so previous consoles use to have component and compost, thats sort of gone away of the past. Uh, you have a Ethernet port here if you wana connect to the internet fro PlayStation network. It does support WiFi but in case you just want the extra speed or the reliability if a wired connection you've got that option. It has this proprietary port here which is used for the PlayStation camera.

As of now that's pretty much its only use but I wouldn't be surprised if you saw some other PlayStation peripherals use this port in the future. Uh, and then you have an optical audio out which you can use if you wana use a, you know optical audio for your stereo system of anything like that. It also with a duelshock 4 controller which also has its own set of options and features. It comes with one power cable which is gona change depending on what region you live in. This is the one for North America because it fits our North American outlets. It does come with an HDMI cable. These are relatively cheap, so if you find the one that's provided is too short, Um, you need something longer for your setup their pretty easy to pick up and go get and any HDMI cable will really do. There's nothing proprietary about that. It also comes with a Micro USB cable which is used to charge the controller.

Now its important to note here that Micro USB and Mini USB, while they look similar, are two different plugs. So your Mini USB plugs are not gona work with charging the controller. Luckily micro USB is also not proprietary. Also not that expensive, so if you wana get something a little bit longer, Uh, for whatever your setup is at home you can do that as well. It also comes with this little headset. Every PlayStation4 comes with this little mono headset. Its just one little ear-bud and attached here is a microphone, and its got a little clip here. Its not the greatest headset to be one hundred percent honest, but it gets the job done and there's an important president that is set by including one in every PlayStation4. It ensures that no matter what, no matter who's playing, they have the ability to communicate over the PlayStation network. Ans that sort of really helps with building an on line community.

And then the last thing that's, Uh, included that's not pictured here is that depending on the region you may get a voucher, and on that voucher you will get one free month of PlayStation Plus, you'll get one free month of music unlimited which is Sony's pay music service. And you will get a voucher for ten dollars, good on PlayStation Network. Uh, again that depends on the region your in. You might wana look into that a little more to find out weather of not That comes with the PlayStation4 your looking to buy, but its a great incentive to get into PlayStation Plus and its a great way to jump into downloading some PSN games. So that's just a quick look at what comes in the box when yo buy a PlayStation4.

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