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How Jupiter Affects the 12 Zodiac Houses

Learn how Jupiter affects the 12 zodiac houses from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to talk about Jupiter in the houses. Now, Jupiter is the planet of luck and wherever it touches in your horoscope it brings like an abundance, an expansion. So, if it's in the first house, you'll be very lucky yourself actually. That's the house of your personality. You're often very very optimistic and you attract good fortune right to you. If Jupiter is in the second house, that's a house of money. So, it's an indication that you're going to have a lot of luck with money. In the third house, that's the house of communication. You could be very lucky as a writer or communicating your thoughts. You would be a very positive person. With Jupiter in the fourth house, it indicates you came from, well the fourth house rules your family, so it indicates that you came from a family that had very good morals. Very good standing. It could also be that you're lucky with real estate. If Jupiter is in the fifth house, you'll be lucky with children. Or, with Jupiter in the fifth house that's also the house of pleasure and amusement. You could be a person that takes a lot of vacations and holidays. With Jupiter in the sixth house, you're health is lucky. You're kind of blessed in that area.

And, also, you'll always have a job. Jupiter in the sixth, that's the house of work. Put Jupiter in the seventh house, that's the house of partnerships. This would indicate that you would benefit from getting married or having a business partner. And, that your partner might be very jupitarian, and very generous. If Jupiter is in the eighth house, this is the house of other people's money. And, so, if for example you were looking for a backer, or you had a grant, you would most likely get the money for anything you tried. People just tend to want to give you stuff.

Put Jupiter in the ninth house, and this is the house of the higher mind, philosophy. It's called the worldly sector. That would mean you would have a lot of communication with foreigners, or that you would benefit from traveling or even publishing. Put Jupiter in the tenth house, this is the career and your professional house. It means you would be picked over everyone else. If, let's say a thousand people apply for the same job, and you have Jupiter in the tenth. You will be chosen because you are lucky in your professional life. You could also be a minister by the way. Put Jupiter in the eleventh house and you are lucky when it comes to groups and friends and organizations. This is a place that where you naturally find support and can uplift others. And, if Jupiter is in the twelfth house, this is a house of retreats and if Jupiter is there often these people like to go far away on retreats. Far away. Spend some time alone. They might also get really really lucky when they create something that comes from out of the blue. That's Jupiter in the houses.

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