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How to Make Baby Applesauce

Learn how to make baby applesauce from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


We're going to talk about making your own baby apple puree or applesauce if you have some older toddlers in the house. What you want to start off with is a sweeter varity of apple. I'm a huge fan of Gala, Hunnycrust, or even Red Delicious comes out very beautifully. Depending on you know, the quanity your making, if your doing just a few small servings I tend to prefer to leave the peel on because about ninety percent of an apples' nutritional content will be in the peel. So if you peel it, you're removing so many beneficial nutrients for your child. So, one of the big things that you want to focus on when your slicing in order to steam the apples, is to try to uniformly slice them so they cook evenly.

So, you know, every chunk will be slightly different but if they're more or less the same size then they will cook evenly once they're in the steamer. So, apples are really fantastic. They're one of the most high scorces of fiber that you can find for children. So if you do have a child that's having constipation issues this is a really great food to offer them to keep the system moving along so to speak. So, we have three apples sliced up here that we're going to put in the steam basket. And the reason that I prefer to steam is that it will retain the most amount of nutrients for your child verses roasting or boiling. So, we'll add these apples to our steamer, and then we're going to give it four to five minutes until it's fork tender.

Alright so, now that our apples have been steaming about four to five minutes depending on how small or large you slice them. you just want to make sure they're nice and fork tender before you pull them out. So, I use a slotted spoon and a regualr just table fork to test the softness. Good to go. So now they're fork tender, we'll add them to the high speed food processor or blender. Come on over here. And depending on the apple of ridles like a Red Delicious are probably going to come out like a little bit waterier. So you want to screen off any exsess water. these are Gala so they tend to have a little less water in them so will not have an issue with water. When you are preparing purees, I tend to start on the thicker side, so you want to take out a lot of the extra water because it's always much eaiser to thin them down than it is to thicken them back up. And as your baby grow they'll tend to prefer the thicker as opposed to the thin. So, we'll just flip on the blender and blend about twenty to thirty seconds.

Alright, so now that twenty thirty seconds has gone by we're down to a nice smooth consistancy and you just portion it out into your serving dish. And you're ready to go. One of my favorite things, especially during colder winter months is to add a little bit of cinnamon. I think it's great to introduce babies to spices. The earlier the better. And apples are a fantastic puree that you can add cinnamon to.

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