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How to Make Beet Puree for Babies

Learn how to make beet puree baby food from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to review how to make beet puree for babies. So with beets there's two different kinds, there's red beets and there's golden beets. When you can't find golden beets, red are a great second option but golden beets are always nice when you can find them because they help prevent staining. Discolor can definitely ruin some nice shirts. Regardless, nutritionally they're the same.

They both offer the same benefits to your baby. What I've done here is I peeled and chopped the beets into uniform pieces and I steamed them. So, once the water on your steamer comes to a boil, you'll place the beets in and it can take anywhere from twelve to twenty minutes to bring them to a fork tender point. It just depends on the time of the year and how much water content is in the beets themselves. So you just want to make sure they're fork tender and then pull them out and we'll place them into the blender. And add some water.

And then we will puree for twenty to thirty seconds. Once we're finished pureeing we can put it into our serving dish. And they are ready to go. That is how you prepare beet puree for babies.

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