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How to Make Kale Puree for Babies

Learn how to make kale puree baby food from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


I'm going to go over the best techniques for making kale puree for your baby. So i have kale prepped in this bowl this is roughly three cups of kale with the stems removed and chopped into about one inch pieces.

You're going to heat a saute pan over medium to low heat and then you'll want to add about a quarter cup of water to the pan. Once it's sizzling you know its warm enough to add the kale. And we're just going to saute this down for a minute to two minutes until its just wilted. And you'll want to keep turning it so that no sides get burned. As its cooking you'll look for this bright vibrant green once it goes past the bright green color then its been over cooked so you really need to stay on top of it and make sure you take it off after only a minute or two.

So this is roughly what you're looking for a nice bright green color its not to soggy but its wilted down enough to break up the kale leaves and we'll add this to our blender and then I follow it with the water as well so that it can turn in the blend a little bit easier. And then we'll process this for about thirty seconds. So now that its blended we'll pour it out into a mixing bowl. And kale alone as a puree is actually not very palatable for most babies I prefer to mix it with a sweeter starch like a sweet potato or butternut squash so you can scoop some of this is sweet potato into the kale puree and you'll just keep adding it till you find a blender texture that's suitable to your baby, tasting along the way.

This puree is rather smooth so it would be great for a baby around six to eight months of age but it would be very easy to thicken it up with a grain like quinoa or oats to make it a little bit thicker. So place it in our serving dish and it's ready to go. So you can see that making your own baby food is actually quite simple.

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