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Baby Feeding Timeline

Learn when you can start introducing your baby to thicker purees, solid foods, and spices from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


I'm going to talk about the timeline for introducing foods to your child over the next six months. So, when you first start introducing foods you're going to start off with veggie and fruit purees. You might start with kiwi or mango, grains like oats and quinoa are perfect straight off the bat, as are herbs, both fresh and dried. Somewhere around seven months you'll want to start incorporating legumes like lentils, beans, fish, meat, but definitely broken into very, very small sizes. I think that a good gauge is the size of your pinky finger, is usually something that a baby can handle at that age.

Flax seed and Chia seed are really great between seven and months of age. From eight to nine months you want to start thinking about a little bit larger pieces of soft fruit, so something like a strawberry or a banana cut down into finger food sized bites. Dairy is also great around this age, so Greek yogurt, small pieces of soft cheese, really fantastic to build the hand/mouth coordination around eight months of age.

Nine months plus you can start introducing eggs, and then from ten months plus you can start going into whole grain toast, pastas, but cut up into smaller bite sized pieces. And then from eleven months onward you can pretty much go with anything, except for honey. Honey you'll want to wait until twelve months of age. And then after that, they can really have anything that they'd like. So, that is a general guideline for the best way to introduce foods to your children for the first six months of age.

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