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The One Food You Should Never Give a Baby

Learn about the one food you should never give a baby from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


So, unfortunately, in today's world, a lot of baby food companies that are bigger businesses have led us all to believe that what they serve in their shelf-stable containers are the only things that are suitable for children. But the truth is, it's completely false. Babies can eat exactly the same things that adults can. Obviously, they need a little help with the pureeing and consistency.

But the only thing they can not have is honey, and that is because of the risk of botulism, so your pediatrician most likely will have advised you the only thing they need to stay away from for the first 12 months of life is honey. A lot of people ask, well, what's an alternative or sweetening my baby's food if I can't offer them honey, and I love to recommend maple syrup. It's fantastic.

A great organic brand is an excellent substitute for honey. So, everything from meats, grains, dairy, fish, shellfish, these are all things that your children can have. The only caution you would want to take is if you do have a family history of allergies, you will want to consult your pediatrician before introducing these potential allergies to your child's diet. But other than that, aside from honey, your child can eat anything that you eat.

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