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Nitrates & Homemade Baby Food

Learn if you should avoid certain vegetables when making baby food because of their nitrates in this Howcast video featuring Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis.


So the news has sensationalized nitrate poisoning in baby food lately, but a lot of people are not quite educated on what exactly that means. So, nitrates can occur naturally in root vegetables, like beets or carrots, and the risk of having nitrate poisoning, or the term is called Blue Baby Poisoning, where their immune system starts to shut down, can only happen when a baby is three months or younger.

And the American Association of Pediatrics actually recommends you do not introduce foods to children until the age of six months. So, when you hear baby food companies and larger businesses talking about how they screen for nitrates, the truth is your baby is going to be far past the point of being at risk for this syndrome. And so, when you're asking if your child is at risk, their risk is zero percent. And I'll say that again, your child has a zero percent risk of consuming nitrates that will affect his or her immune system. So you're perfectly safe giving them any food that you prepare at home.

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