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How to Use Chia & Flax Seeds in Baby Food

Learn how to use chia and flax seeds in homemade baby food from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


I'm going to talk about the best way to incorporate flax seed and chai seed into your baby's diet.
So most babies digestive system will not be ready for flax or chia seeds around eight months of age.
So will definitely want to hold off until then.

One really important factor until they are twelve months of age its important for the seeds to be ground for them to obtain the nutritional benefits that are in the seeds because if there given to the babies whole the seeds will just go straight through their system without any of the nutrients being adsorbed.

So with flax seeds you have the benefits of omega 3 those are really fantastic for eye development and very important fat to have in your baby's diet.

Chia seeds are an excellent excellent source of fiber it'll help keep your baby's digestion moving straight along but like i said its really important that with both of these seeds that you grind them down to a dust like consistency using a spice grinder like this or a high speed blender in order for your child to adsorb the nutritional benefits of it. 

So as you can see here the flax and chia have both been pre ground into a dust like consistency and as far as incorporating it into the food since they don't really have too strong of a flavor they can incorporate it into almost anything that you're already serving your child fruit purees veggie purees and even sprinkled on top of toast with jam when they get a little bit older into the finger foods.

But chai and flax seeds are both very nutritious and important to your child's diet.

So its really fantastic to incorporate them whenever you can.

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