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How to Get Protein into Your Baby's Diet

Learn how to get protein into your homemade baby food from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to go over ways to incorporate protein into your baby's diet. It's actually quite simple and there are a lot of different ways to do it. Once your child's mastered the pureed stage, and has tasted the broad ranges of veggies and fruits and are ready for more texture, this is a really great opportunity to start introducing legumes like lentils and beans. You know a larger bean like a kidney bean you would definitely want to chop or puree in a blender prior to mixing with the purees, but it's definitely something that their digestive system can handle from seven months onward. Meat is another great way to incorporate it, whether it fish, you know turkey, chicken, red meats.

These are all great sources of protein that you can start introducing around eight months of age. You would just definitely want to cut them into small bite sized pieces. I usually use my pinky finger nail as a way to gauge if it's small enough. If it's smaller than that your baby would definitely be able to consume it, no problem. Greens are another source of protein so. Oats, whether they're rolled oats, quick oats, steel cut oats, [inaudible 1:10] And these are both grains that you can turn into cereals at home easy by using a spice grinder.

So you can incorporate them at the puree stage or you can mash them with something like a banana or avocado very easily. Dairy is also a really great way to incorporate protein into your child's diet. I'm a huge fan of greek yogurt, not only is it protein dense but this is a great way to teach your child self feeding because it's such a think yogurt, it will stay on the spoon easily from bowl to mouth without making a huge mess. Eggs again, are another great source of protein. Scrambled or hard boiled and sliced up into bite sized pieces. So, these are all excellent ways that you can incorporate protein into your baby's diet.

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