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Top 5 Solid Food Starters for Your Baby

Find out the top five foods to give a baby who is just starting to eat solid food from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to talk about the best solid food starters for your baby. The truth is there's no one specific fruit or vegetable that you should really start with. You should just definitely go straight to vegetables as opposed to doing rice cereal introduction first. Rice cereal is just not very nutrient dense and they're not going to be getting all of the benefits that they get from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Babies will inherently gravitate towards sweet flavors like apple, pear, banana, so I think it's best to start with green vegetables that people assume babies won't like. When you're starting off without them having any exposure to food, they're going to be most receptive because they have no expectations. So start with kale, start with zucchini, maybe winter squash or sweet potatoes, and then you can gravitate and incorporate fruits in. And I think the best way to move on to fruits is to actually blend them with vegetables that your child has already been exposed to.

So the sweet doesn't taste so much sweeter than the vegetables they've already had. Fresh herbs and dried herbs are also excellent to start off straight from the get-go and expand the palate quickly and helps them have a much more varied palate as they grow. And those are the best ways to start your baby on solids.

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