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Top 5 Finger Foods for Babies

Find out the top five finger foods for babies from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to talk about the top five finger foods for your baby. Babies are all different and they show interest in finger foods a couple different ways. One of the biggest indicators is by developing a pincer grasps. So you would never want try to feed your child these food until they have that ability of picking up small berries or pieces of food with pincer grip. Usually happens somewhere around nine to ten months. But of course you want to make sure that they have established chewing motions and they can break down food properly before swallowing it. And these are all good foods that they can carry through [inaudible 00:38]. So one of my favorites is kale chips.

This is actually raw kale that's been sliced into one each pieces. They're perfect spread out on baking sheet, parchment paper. Put it in 400 degree oven for about ten to 12 minutes. Turn them once and then put them back in the oven for another ten to 12 minutes. And they'll come out perfectly crisp. Excellent finger food and snack. Another nutrient dense snack you can have is salmon. Obviously you would want to cook it but it's very easy to do when you put it inside foil in 350 degree oven, a little bit of olive oil or lemon juice on and bake it about 12 minutes and then pull it out and you can flake it with the fork into bite sizes for your child. Another excellent and very very easy to pat finger food is soft fruit like a banana, a strawberry, even an avocado is an excellent one.

They all mush very easily and baby or toddler smells. You just want to cut them into small pieces. Another top finger food for children are scrambled eggs. They're very very nutrients dense, lots of protein will give your kids a ton of energy. Just scramble them in pan with little bit of olive oil and make sure they're broken up into bite size pieces, they can pick up easily with their fingers. And then the last snack I would touch on is a just using baby food that you're already making at home in place of jam on a piece of whole grain toast.

So by using your own baby food, it's much more nutrient dense and you also avoiding fillers and stabilizers like sugar and corn syrup. So these are the top five toddler finger foods that I would recommend for your home.

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