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Baby Food Expert Michelle Muller-Marinis

Learn about Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis, one of Howcast's baby food experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Michelle. I'm the founder of Petit Organics which is a fresh, out of preservative free baby food delivery service here in New York city and we have locations in Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and soon in Los Angeles. It's a incredible company.

My passion for food and health in general started from very young age. I was born and raised in Texas and spend many many weekends with my grandmother in kitchen which is sort of where the all began. So after I moved to New York city and started family of my own. I have three boys, ages two, four, and six. It was incredibly important to me that they eat nutrients and healthy and fresh diet from day one all way through adolescence.

So after realizing that there was a lack of options as far as healthy and nutrients in food for babies and toddlers, I decided to break out of the corporate field that I was in and launch Petit Organics which has been incredible journey.

But it is something that I'm so passionate about whether people are ordering from my service or making their own food at home, it's incredibly important that we get away from shelf stable, out of different preservative, foods that are completely unhealthy for our children. So if you like to learn more about my company, Petit Organics, please visit us online by going to I hope that from my videos that how cast viewers are feeling more empowered and educated and confident in making baby food at home.

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