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How to Make a Tarot Invocation

Learn how to make a tarot invocation from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg and welcome to this Tarot Moment from the School of Oracles. This segment is on how to make invocation when we're about to read the cards. Invocation is a calling forth a spirit. Calling forth of the energy or the intelligence that is behind the cards. This intelligence is the divine intelligence, for there is only one being in this universe. One of my favorite names for it is the being with a thousand names. Sometimes, people say, and I know this is true as well, that the tarot is really pulling things from your own sub-conscious and that it's reflection of your own soul. This is true and in that case you might call the intelligence your own higher self or your own inner self.

An invocation sets up the connection between you and spirit. It can be simple or it can be complex. It can be spontaneous, or it can be a traditional prayer or invocation. The tarot doesn't mind. What is most important is that you are completely present, you've turned off the telephone and all devices that might ring or interrupt you. And, you ask the cards with sincerity. Tarot recognizes sincerity. So, that if your invocation were simply...small and simple as "oh great spirit of the tarot help me". Why, that's enough. I'm going to give you one that I use frequently. In the invocation, I like to mention my significator (?), and we will have a segment on how to choose a significator. Mine happens to be the queen of wands.

We usually use a court card in the school that I use. And, I would say, "dear tarot, this is Ellen, Queen of Wands" and then I would launch into, "mother, father, god, just now we ask to be placed in the light of the holy spirit. I ask for the presence of the divine intelligence that animates these cards. And, I ask in behalf of myself, Ellen, Queen of Wands. Please show me what I need to know about myself right now so that I can take my next step in growth and evolution. And, I ask this with humbleness and gratefulness." If you were more advanced in Kabbalistic, you might end it with the Kabbalistic cross, which is the words that we know so well. "For thine is the spirit and the glory forever and ever," in Hewbrew. Atoh Malkut Mal-Koot Ve-Gevurah Gedulah Olam Amen. Whether you use one from your own repertoire. Whether you make it up spontaneously. And, I will stress they love spontaneous simple heartfelt calling forth.This is an indispensable part of your reading because the sincerity with which you call forth the tarot is the same sincerity with which the tarot will meet you.

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