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How to Ask Tarot Questions

Learn how to ask tarot questions from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg, and I welcome you to A Tarot Moment with the School of Oracles. This segment is on how to pose a question to the Tarot. Forming the question that you are going to ask the cards is of utmost importance. In fact, if you form your question well, you may be halfway to the answer right there, because knowing what you're concerned with often brings so many ideas to you. If you are the reader for another person, whom we call the 'querent', it is your job as the reader to help the querent form the question.

You ask them their concerns, and then you form the question with them. You always keep the question in mind as you are mixing, almost like a mantra, because you are mixing it into the cards, and the clearer you can be with the cards, the clearer the cards can be with you. I don't really think that the cards like fortune telling questions all that much. They're not gonna give you lottery numbers. They're not necessarily gonna tell you 'will you get the job', 'does he love me?' But if you pose the question in terms of 'what lesson am I learning?', you'll get just about the same advice as you would if you posed it in a fortune- telling sort of way. 'What is the experience I might have on this job interview?' 'Tell me what I need to know about myself in relationship to the man I'm in love with?' 'What do I need to know about myself in order to open my heart to love?'

Or 'what do I need to know about myself to do my very best on the job interview I'm having today?' I think you get the idea. The cards love to answer questions that deal with spiritual or psychological processes, lessons that you're learning, and- then, they're a hundred percent when they answer you. Sometimes if you ask too many fortune-telling type questions, the cards might even become capricious, and- just like the I Ching, which actually has a hexagram when you've asked and thrown those coins too many times that says 'youthful folly' and is the equivalent of 'go away kid, you bother me,' the cards will give you capricious answers just to say, 'don't bother me with this'. Consider that the intelligence behind the Tarot is a wise spiritual friend, and you don't want to go to them with just any old thing.

But, you could go to them on a daily basis with 'what am I meant to learn today?' 'What do I need to know about myself today?' They would love that. As long as you are clear, the Tarot will answer you. It's very responsive, and very user- friendly.

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