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How to Read the Magician Tarot Card

Learn how to read the Magician tarot card from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello. I'm Ellen Goldberg and I welcome you to this Taro Moment with the School of Oracles. In this segment, we can learn a little bit about the magician. The magician is the first card of the number series. We've already talked about the full which is the zero and as you know, the zero is everywhere. But the number one who's name in numbers is initiation is the first. And of course, this is a very important position so that the person who is on this card is very important character in our own taro journey. This is Mercury, Hermes, the three times great. Hermes Tres Majestis, he who is the one that the entire Hermetic tradition is named for, he who was the initiator, priest, king, and bringer of good unto each and often called also the Scribe of Saturn and giver of each of its 48 books of knowledge including astronomy, astrology, medicine, architecture, mathematics, medicine, you name it. It was said to have come through Hermes-Mercury Tres Majestis. The Hebrew letter that goes with this particular card is called Bet, and Bet means house and it refers back to the time in each of when building was a sacred art practiced by the priest under the jurisdiction of the priest. But also, our home, our body, this is the place we operate from. His intelligence is called the transparent intelligence or I should really make that clear, that the intelligence of Bet, given to it by the oldest book of the Coballa, the Zephyr gets it, uh, the Book of Formation.

It gave the each of the letters, and as you know each of the letters and forms so much what the nature or kind of card would mean and that the power that it carries, it gave to Bet, the very appropriate title of the transparent intelligence. He is in an octipal position, a Mudra, with one arm raised and one are holding a magic wand, but the real magic wand is the finger that he points downwards because he's transparent and that energy comes right through him. He is bringing the energy from above to below. The primary Hermetic action of this tradition is as above, so below. We are a microcasm of the macrocasm and when we unite the macrocasm with the microcasm that is ourself, why that's the completion of the great work of self realization. You'll notice that the above the magician there are roses, and below him is he points with that finger of Jupiter, there are both roses and lilies. And this indicate symbolically in the taro that he has brought so much marvelous energy through him that he brings down not only the roses but creates something even richer and more beautiful. On the table before him, you'll see the symbols of the four suits of the taro, there's a wand, a cup, a sword and a pentacle and he is ready to work. The table is sometimes referred to as the Field of Attention. And one of the greatest lessons that we can learn by meditating on this card is that of concentration.

In fact meditating on this card will help your power of choice and power of concentration. Tom Berg says about the magician, "He who finds the silence in the power of concentration without effort is never alone." The forces from heaven, the forces from on high are there supporting him from then on. And that is true about this card, this develops concentration without effort. The magician is totally focused on what he was doing but he's relaxed. When this card comes in it's upper polarity, it has to do with the power of concentration with making good, skillful choices with directing energy from above to below. When it's in its lower polarity, hmm, then the tricks that's part of Mercury comes to the forward. In fact, this card when it's given the rulership is ruled by the planet Mercury. Yes, on the lower polarity is plenty tricky. It also could be scattered forces or confusion, or the inability to make a choice. Enjoy it, take the pose, feel what it's like to pull energy down. Use this card to develop your own skill. He's our guide through the rest of the whole journey.

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