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How to Read the Justice Tarot Card

Learn how to read the Justice tarot card from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Ellen Goldberg and I welcome you to this tarot moment with the School of Oracles. 

In this segment we're going to look at the card of justice. Here we are, in the exact center of the deck and how amazing that it should line up with the Hebrew letter lamed which means "ox goad." That was the little wit which you hit the ox to make it move forward. It's associated with education and how we prod ourselves to learn. This card, and lamed, were associated with the zodiacal sign of Libra; balance. Libra is very special. It is ruled by Venus so we know that there is love, harmony and the desire for relationships and communion with others in Libra. It's the only "we" sign of the zodiac, every other sign of the zodiac is an "I" sign. Aries, "I have." Oh, Aries "I am." I should know that, being an Aries. Taurus, "I have." Gemini, "I think," and so on. But, Libra, is we, harmonized. It's very interesting to me, that the planet Saturn, lord of Karma, is exulted in the sign of Libra. But, there's nothing Saturn, the Karma teacher, likes better than pure justice and balance and fairness. 

This card is a bit like the magician and the high priestess. She combines both the masculine and feminine in her and we can see that she has something to do with the union of opposites because her justice, she sits between pillars, just like the high priestess does, but they're not black or white, they're gray, for wisdom. Yet she has one hand up and one hand down, like the magician. That sword in her hand is the sword of justice. And Libra is an air sign and would be associated with the ace of swords which is also a sword of justice. the [inaudible] knew these things, the people who put together the oldest book of the Kaballah which takes about how the earth was formed, how our world was formed. They gave the function of lamed, work or action, which is very similar to karma. In this card, one learns to adjust ones Karma, to make adjustments to come to the center, just like we would in trying to come to the center of the wheel in the Wheel of Fortune. And notice how poised she is. She's not holding the sword haphazardly, it is raised for justice, raised for use and the golden scales she holds, why they are filled with solar energy and she uses that sword to cut away what is not necessary so that one can be in balance. What a perfect card to appear in the center of the tarot trump series. When this card comes to your reading, think carefully about how you can dock your studies.

There is advice on the higher polarity and on the lower polarity on this card that says when you sit down to study, sit still. Allow yourself to become quiet and poised, that you can really take in your work. There's also advice here, because remember she cuts away what doesn't work, to keep those scales in balance that you can work with your karma. That's not a static thing, that's something that's alive, So, choice, decision, poise, activity. Even things like marriage, because Libra rules Venus, rules legal contracts, and marriage is a legal agreement. Romance can be handled in other cards but this is marriage, legal and fine. On the lower polarity, we may have divorce, we may have unpoised activity, unskillful decisions or indecision. Take time and meditate on this card and it will engender in you a feeling of quiet centeredness.


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