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How to Read the Tower Tarot Card

Learn how to read the Tower tarot card from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


hello im ellen goldberg and welcome to this tarot moment with the school of oracles in this segment we are going to look at the card the tower the tower is the second stage of spiritual awakening in fact it is called awakening ,and usually this is a rude awakening as you can see this tower is hit by a bolt of lightning many say that bolt of lightning represents the entire tree of life which comes into being and is often shown as a lightning flash, but its knocking off the crown of false perception and bringing in new life fresh air, this card is about destroying ones former philosophy as you approach evolution spiritual ones many things have to be let go, many times this card is called the lightning struck tower just for that reason. the man and woman that we see falling out of the tower are the same two we have seen before many times, we recently saw them in the last card "the devil" and they were naked in that card and yet here there clothed in the devil they were slave to there instincts here they are clothed because they now they have been slaves to the intellect, the Hebrew letter that goes with this car id Peh P E H and Peh represents the mouth as the organ of speech some say that because of this this is the tower of babel but what it is meaning for sure is that speech in some way is some ways is separative and words sometimes cover up our emotions and therefore they prevent real truth from being found. how does one become awakened the truth is often said to come in a lightning flash even though we may spend years and we need those years 20 years of preparation meditation, the truth always comes in a flash always, comes in a minute. but we need to be strong to prepare ourselves to take the bolt of truth but when it comes it comes fast and it lights up the mind like lightning lights up the sky. if you isolate yourself you turn your self into a tower and towers attract lightning so this tower also has a lot to do with how we might isolate ourselves and if were riding for a fall just setting ourselves up for a bolt; a knock upside the head from the universe to say wake up. the ruler ship of this card is mars and mars is exciting in fact the everyexida {SP} gives mars and peh the name the exciting intelligence because there's a lot of energy here did you know that in western occultism we have an equivalent to the eastern kundelina and its called the mars force so theres a lot of excitement and energy when the card comes on its upper polarity think of it as revelation as change sudden exciting maybe painful, maybe sudden but its positive. when its on its lower polarity you may be setting yourself up for a real knock to the head from the universe and indeed it may involve imprisonment knocking yourself or being knocked down from your current position to something is lower, unexpected changes, on behalf of the school of oracles this is Ellen Goldberg bye for now.

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