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How to Read the Star Tarot Card

Learn how to read the Star tarot card from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg and I welcome you to this tarot moment on behalf of the school of The School of Oracles.

In this segment we're going to look at the star card. One of the most beautiful cards in the deck. In fact one has earned this card by having gone through the two previous stages of evolution. Remember the last seven cards of The Major Arcana are the seven stages of spiritual evolution and we've had the devil, consciousness of bondage and with the tower awakening and here as a result of that we have a period of peace and calm. The stage of revolution. Revolution from within.

This card is ruled by the sign of Aquarius, which is the sign associated with mediation. Not only that, it's Hebrew letter, tsadi, which means a fish hook is the means by which we fish for truth interiorly in our own unconscious and in the collective unconscious which is represented in this card by the pool we find truth from within. So it's a card of revolution, of peace, and calm and notice there's no road here. There's nowhere to go. She is completely engaged in ritual, in what she's doing.

Why is she naked? Because she is Isis unveiled. It shows that the hidden qualities of nature are revealed to us during meditation. So the Sepher Yetzirah called tsadi the natural intelligence. We understand natural things. When we go within we understand our life.

Everything in this card is about healing. Notice the great star in the center surrounded by seven smaller stars, those seven small stars are interior stars, the seven chakras, and the great star is the star of revolution. Stars have always been guiding forces. When you are ready the star of your soul will show its light and guide you.

Notice that there's a tree in the background and a red bird. Sometimes that bird is not drawn very well, at all. But what it is supposed to be is a Scarlet Ibis, scared to Hermes and the ibis has a great bill that has a lovely fish hook right at the end. If you've ever been fortunate to go along the Nile you will see those Scarlet Ibises right at the edge of the water dipping and fishing so well with their own natural hook. This is how we fish in meditation.

Notice she she has one foot on land and one foot on the water. So she may, indeed, be solidly on the land. But that foot that's standing on the water means she keeps her balance through connection with the collective unconscious. The streams that she pours out of one of her pitchers, not only refer back to Aquarius, the water bearer, but show that they are the fruit of her meditation that goes into the Earth, into our friend. Anything that one person has achieved and all people can achieve. One stream always goes back to the pool. So not only what we achieve is applicable to all other people, but part of it goes to the collective unconscious.

Everything in this card is about peace and healing. When this card comes for you in a reading think revelation, finding your truth within rather than in the world of mankind, think of healing or a period of rest or research that you have earned.

Very importantly this is a card, I almost forgot to say, of the spiritual quest. So think of the Starry Night, think of Don Quixote, this is a card that encourages the spiritual quest and that may also be a meaning on the higher polarity. On the lower polarity, you're looking in the wrong place for truth. Been looking out in the world for it, rather than inside.

Instead of the expectation and belief of the quest there's a kind of dreaminess which is a much more wishy-washy quality, just kind of hoping things will happen. The best way to make things to happen is to expect them, feel them, make them real as if they were true now. Use this card as a meditative aid and it will help bring you peace and revelation.

For The School of Oracles I thank you for being with me. Bye for now.

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